Edutainment Systems

Edutainment Systems

Specializing in             apps, games, AR, VR, and MR experiences

Edutainment Systems is a small team of freelancer software developers and content producers innovating through the integration of game engines, immersive realities, speech recognition and synthesis, machine learning, embedded systems, and blockchain.

We are focused on helping our customers realize their maximum potential through innovation in 3D immersive experiences and IoT products.







Hire one or more freelancers working together to bring you results. We are an experienced group from diverse industries that are easy to work with, trustworthy, and hard working. We get as excited as you about innovating through software development.


Unity 3D is a great choice to support the growing demand for 3D interactive experiences across industries, as well as traditional 2D experiences. Unity 3D combines all of the power of general app development and publishing with the power of a robust 3D game engine. Unity 3D provides cross-platform publishing to Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality headsets, App Store, Google Play Store, Web, Desktops, Digital TVs and Consoles. Stop writing different versions of the same app and switch to Unity 3D.

Please email or call to discuss your project or gain access to my full portfolio. or (215)378-9042 

Introducing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
LOTLH Reading Buddy App - AR + Speech Recognition
Powerful Plants AR App
Powerful Plants ARKit Demo
My Fruity Faces AR App
The Forgotten Christmas Presents AR App
Hybels Fairy 3-D AR App
Chefy AR App
Coco's Lullaby AR App
Boulder Film AR App

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