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We want to help create groundbreaking experiences with your content, or help you produce new worlds.

We are gamers, programmers, and designers with deep technical knowledge and ....

Edutainment Systems is building new distribution channels for books and other 2D and 3D content

Describe App Design, Production, Self or ES Publish/Maintain (minimum project amount)

Describe Full Digital Book Services (minimum project amount)

Allow us to help you produce content that fits your design criteria and meets technical specifications for your chosen environment.

For customers that need content produced for their ebook and book apps.

Request Voice Narration, Art, Sound, Music, Animation, and Layout/Setup of your digital books.

Receive quotes and manage all content needs in your portal

Are you a talent looking for work in digital books please click here and

Edutainment offers the following distribution channels:

AR Book (Book + App) Requires the physical companion book to unlock augmented content.

AR Book (PDF + App) Like the AR Book but the physical book is not required. Utilizes a marker viewed on a separate device or printed by the user.

Augmented content is unlocked from the PDF the same way it is from the book except the user only has a single image not every page of the book.

Classic Mobile (Book App) 

Digital TV (Book App)

Web/PC/Mac (Book App)

VR Storybook (Book App) Requires VR Headset

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