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Larry Miller

Projects Details

Senior Unity 3D Software Engineer | C# Cloud Programmer



AR Video Samples:

Technical Skills:

PROJECT DETAILS - Unity 3D and C#/Azure Cloud

Apex Systems/USG


Communicate with directors, stakeholders, project managers, user interface designers, 3D modelers, and sound engineers to define requirements, develop software architecture, and update JIRA accordingly


Sole Unity 3D Oculus VR and Windows Application Developer for real-time photorealistic 3D interactive environments with virtual acoustics and 3D customization


Managed and configured 3D importing and configuration of Unity 3D rendering pipelines for real-time photorealistic environments (Standard/Specular and HDRP) including mesh optimization, lighting, reflections, and post-process effects


Ported native iOS version of 3D real-time application to Unity 3D with a shared codebase for building Windows and Oculus versions. Integrated virtual acoustics plugins into Unity 3D


Developed C# code for data-driven & aspect ratio responsive UI buttons, gradient bars, scroll views, touch, mouse, keyboard, and VR controller UI, camera control, and other systems 


Developed C# code to allow users to travel to different virtual locations and modify 3D content in those locations


Developed C# code and configured physics system to allow users to walk up and down stairs


Developed C# Visual Studio native Windows application to act as a cached event processor for Google Analytics events logged from Unity application to capture user behavior from offline users


Updated static scene hierarchy and codebase to a data-driven, dynamically (runtime) loaded scene hierarchy (Resources and Prefabs for audio clips and 3D models)


Integrated and configured several native acoustics plugins for realistic acoustics


Assisted stakeholders in requirements development and JIRA story and task planning


Worked with UI designers and researchers to implement features


Integrated Unity Analytics and developed custom metrics


Developed Test Cases and provided product support




Provide on-going software architecture and integration support and direction to development team, project manager, data analysts, engineers, and management team


Lead Unity 3D developer for a 3D geospatial application including procedural mesh generation, visualization, and interaction development, based on geospatial data sets (Shapefile, JSON, XYZ)


Developed custom geospatial interpolation engine and other geospatial data generation scripts including KDTree optimization


Lead Azure/C# developer for ADO.NET API development, integration with SQL Server, and integration with Unity 3D


Re-architected Unity 3D/Monobehavior/C# geospatial systems including content loading, 3D visualization and interaction into a data-driven and object-oriented system, decoupling code from data, increasing readability and extendibility of code, and integrated the Unity C# code with Azure/C# REST API

Developed dynamic and data-driven rendering system for geospatial map data which can all be configured with key/attribute pairs including several layer types - labels, lines, procedural mesh, 3D prefab objects, and 2D texture planes

Developed complex raycast mouse interface system in Update() that shunts raycasting under certain conditions (such as when the camera is currently panning or zooming). Raycast system provides mouse user interface to data-driven geospatial maps loaded and rendered at run-time including different object types and overlapping objects. For overlapping objects, the system understands the user is clicking on an overlapping set of polygons and handles them like the Unity Editor (click to rotate to the next object)

Integrated system above with other systems to all work together such as dynamic line and label scaling based on zoom, turning maps on/off from a UI, turning maps on/off based on user zoom, and turning maps on/off based on whether or not the user is looking at the surface or a sub-surface mesh with the same maps.


Developed Azure C# API and integration with Unity using ADO.NET and SQL Server


Developed Azure/C# function to download ZIP files, unzip in memory, parse binary Shapefile format for attributes and geo coordinates, and to fit geo polygons between maps to provide geo IDs used in later data processing steps


Developed geospatial interpolation engine and optimized with KDTree 


Developed procedural mesh system to project 2D geospatial data onto 3D structural mesh


Developed back-end data processing and SQL scripts and API for geospatial data, and integration into Unity 3D. 


Developed binary ESRI Shapefile reader and XYZ Contour file interpolation engine, and several other back-end geospatial data identification and generation scripts


Developed Unity Editor tool for dynamic texture combining for geospatial maps


Edutainment Systems, LLC


AR video samples:


Develop Unity 3D iOS and Android AR/VR applications and prototypes across entertainment, advertising, eLearning, and retail from concepts through delivery


Researched, tested, and integrated emerging AR, VR, and MR SDKs and devices including Metaio, Vuforia, Wikitude, ARKit/ARCore, Vuzix, Occipital Bridge, Oculus, and Google Cardboard


Published Apps


Powerful Plants AR seed packs, retail kiosk, and children’s book


Developed and managed Unity 3D AR app, web-sites, and ecommerce engines from conception through delivery for Powerful Plants (Startup acquired by W. Atlee Burpee Company)


Download App:


Seed Pack Video Sample here:


AR Book Video Sample here:


Updated Unity 3D Powerful Plants AR app from local/embedded videos to Vimeo for streaming AR videos


Developed Unity 3D and Android native AR retail kiosk Android app for POS augmented reality. Utilizes ambient light and proximity sensors on Android device to detect motion and play a help video.


AR Retail Kiosk Video Sample here:


The Forgotten Christmas Presents AR Book


Developed Unity 3D The Forgotten Christmas Presents AR Book app including voice narration, 2D animation, and word highlighting. 


Download App:


AR Book Video Sample here:


Coco’s Lullaby AR Book


Developed Unity 3D Coco’s Lullaby AR children’s book app including voice narration, 3D animation, and word highlighting


Download App:


AR Book Video Sample here:


Mighty Fudge AR App


Developed Unity 3D Mighty Fudge AR app and made several updates for retail AR games and AR signage


Download App:


AR Retail Sign Sample Video here:


Fairy 3-D Plant Tag AR App 


Developed Unity 3D Fairy 3-D for Hybels which includes augmented reality fairies from plant tags, lip syncing, and voice narration. Developed face pose blend shapes in Maya and utilized for automatic lip syncing animation


Download App:


AR Fairy Tag Sample Video:


Boulder Film Program Guide AR App


Developed Unity 3D Boulder Film AR app which included integration with REST API and XML data, dynamic UI, and augmented reality program guide for film festival. Includes AR buttons that overlay program guide which are tappable to trigger film festival trailers.


Download App:

NOTE: I did not create this years version of the app (I created the previous two years version)


AR Film Festival Program Guide Video Sample here:


Burpee WHEN App


Developed Unity 3D Burpee WHEN App including algorithm to help gardeners know when to plant specific seeds based on frost dates and zip code, integration of iOS and Android native location services and push notification services, and data-driven UI with collapsable buttons in a scroll view.


App no longer available in app store (Burpee did not provide updated frost dates for this year and decided to take the app down until they are able to determine frost date strategy)


Prototypes/Systems with Video Samples


Developed Unity 3D Legend of the Lost Heart AR and VR book prototype and underlying system including integration of speech recognition and Unity plugin for native iOS OpenEars software, including system for tweaking noise filtering based on changing noise levels in the environment


AR Book Sample Video with Adobe Premiere Special Effects:


AR Book Page Sample Video with integration speech recognition:


Developed Unity 3D Mattel AR Playmat prototype for multi-player AR games including Hungry-Hungry Crocs and Castles and Towers AR Game


AR Playmat Sample Video:


Developed Unity 3D MyFruityFaces AR prototype for AR animation of 2D characters on product packaging. Developed custom 2D automatic lip syncing system that changes 2D character mouth positions from speech recognition data.


AR Product Packaging Sample Video:


Developed Unity 3D MARS Candy AR prototype for an animation studio. Developed 3D AR animation synchronized with AR video using a chroma key shader, interactive 3D globe, and an AR shooter mini-game.


AR Gum Wrapper Sample Video:


Developed Curious George AR Demo including integration of AR and speech recognition


AR Book Page with Speech Recognition Sample Video:


Developed Peanut Butter Cylinder AR prototype for an animation studio


AR Peanut Butter Jar Sample Video:


Developed ARKit 3D talking character prototype for Powerful Plants


ARKit Sample Video:


Prototypes/Systems without Video Samples


Developed Unity Editor tools including multi-layer texture combiner, and complex AR interaction and timeline authoring including save, load, and play at runtime.


Developed Unity 3D Hennessy AR prototype for an animation studio. Developed 3D AR buttons to trigger animation and coupons, and particle effects for custom smoke and fireworks special effects


Developed AR Advertising prototype for a media services company (under NDA) which included Vuforia Cloud Recognition integration, downloading XML attached to cloud targets, and displaying 3D models and company information in AR overlays for magazines


Developed ARKit based facial tracking prototype for horror masks which included synchronization between real users mouth and virtual mask


Developed speech recognition testing platform to capture speech and store speech profiles, accuracy, performance with Unity 3D, Objective-C, PHP, OpenEars, and mySQL)


Developed PDF to ePub3 Automatic Word Highlighting system to generate and integrate timing data for Voice Narrated eBooks via SMIL Media Overlay (Linux Shell scripts, PDF command line tools, Speechmatics API, Unity 3D, C#)


Developed 2D Adventure Game Engine and WYSIWYG real-time editor (Adobe Flash/Animate, Flex/Flash Builder, ActionScript)


Developed Flash ANE (Adobe Native Extension) to provide AR to Flash based mobile applications utilizing the Metaio AR SDK


Developed native iOS and Android AR children’s book


Developed The Forgotten Christmas Presents ePub3 eBook with Media Overlay


Developed Java implementation of PocketSphinx speech recognition in Android Studio


Developed Google Cardboard and gyroscope VR prototype for a 3D children’s book


Developed 360 degree VR video based real-estate prototype using a Theta 360 video camera


Developed core AR platform utilizing Vuforia Cloud recognition. Externalized AR behavior using XML and wrote a custom parser to deliver AR experiences. 


Developed integration between Unity 3D and video streaming services for AR and standard mobile applications


Developed data-driven AR Book platform with several features including 3D animation, word highlighting, English/Spanish mode, voice recorder, synchronized with multi-speaker voice narration


Developed an automated AR lip syncing animation system that updates animated character mouth positions of characters (2D and 3D) based on speech recognition and lookup to a phoneme database


Developed Android native plugin for PocketSphinx speech recognition in Java and C#


Developed integration code between Unity 3D standard, AR, VR and native plugins for Speech Recognition, AR, geolocation services, and device sensors


Migrated web-site from Drupal to WordPress, configured, and developed custom code for B2C and B2B stores and ecommerce transactions

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