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I am constantly developing, and constantly learning new language and platform features, and software development management practices


23 years total professional experience in software development, product management, and sales engineering


2 successful startup experiences


Experience with managing small teams of developers and working directly with C-level resources


Broad experience across networks, servers, operating systems, databases, cloud, mobile, and HMD based devices.

Primary working language: C#

Secondary Languages: C++, C, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Shell Scripting



Detailed oriented and accountable to the team and myself


Manageable team player


Interacting with developers, different personality types, stakeholders, and C-levels


Searching and reading forums, finding and testing useful libraries, limiting forum & documentation code testing to current posts


Understanding that when an implementation is becoming extremely difficult, there is always a different way, which is often simpler


Ability to learn new languages, platforms, and SDKs quickly with an eye on whether or not the language is compiled or interpreted, functional or OOP, and whether or not it is low-level or not


Successful startup experiences as an early team member and co-founder


Voracious appetite to learn new language features and technologies


Technical Skills: AR/VR/MR


Vuforia (local and cloud), ARKit, ARCore, ARFoundation, Wikitude, Metaio


Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard


Occipital Sensor and Bridge (Mixed Reality), Vuzix


OpenCV, feature detection and tracking algorithms, homography 


Images and markers, multi-image


Horizontal and vertical planes


Visual-inertial odometry


Lighting conditions, light estimation


Real-time occlusion & interaction of virtual objects by real world objects


Stereoscopic AR and VR


VR Controllers and HMDs


Technical Skills: Unity 3D


Unity API

Scene hierarchy, GameObject, prefabs, layers, tags, static flags, Transform & RectTransform, components, Monobehavior


Native plugin development & integration, API integration, Editor scripts/tools


Project Settings, Multi-platform builds, render settings


Coroutines, Static and run-time content loading (resources, external files, cloud), video streaming, render textures



Asset Management organization, import settings, asset bundles, Packages


OnGui & Canvas UI, dynamic & data-driven UI, responsive UI, Unity Inspector & in-code event handling setup, Graphics vs Physics Raycaster, layout groups, dynamic scrollviews


Mouse, keyboard, touch, VR controllers, VR gaze


Standard, AR, VR


Unity Services, Collab, Analytics, Cloud Diagnostics, Cloud Builds


Physics (gravity, colliders, rigidbodys), raycasting, complex raycasting interfaces (layers, Raycast/Raycastall, from mouse, from camera, between objects), complex 3D environment user interface and state


Photorealism, Shader & Material Configuration, Shader code updates, Standard, Specular and HDRP Render pipelines, Deferred and Forward, Lights & Lighting Settings, Reflection Probes, Post-processing


Procedural & data-driven mesh generation


Windows, iOS, Android, App Store Publishing



Technical Skills: C#/Azure


Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism (method & operator overloading), Generics, Interfaces, LINQ, Exception Handling


Data structures & algorithms (array, list, dictionary, queue, stack, hashtable, hashset)


Basic SQL (Insert, Select, Delete, Where)


RESTful API development & integration, XML, JSON, Binary


Visual Studio Code integration with Azure account for local testing/debugging and publishing to Azure


HTTP and Timer triggered functions





Technical Skills: Other


Android Studio (Eclipse) Development


Xcode iOS Development


Speech Recognition (PocketSphinx, OpenEars, Apple & Android, Speechmatics)


Geospatial data sets (Shapefiles, geojson, custom)


Physically based/realistic sound (Visisonics, MS Acoustics)


Mobile app publishing


2D and 3D automated lip-syncing


Product Management Skills


Requirements development with teams


Software architecture


Defect and issue tracking (JIRA, Smartbear, homegrown)





Unity 3D, Unity Hub, Unity Web Portal, Unity Asset Store, Unity Package Manager


Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code


Xcode, Android Studio/Eclipse


Git (and proper .gitignore for Unity), SourceTree, WinMerge




Basic Maya

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere


Azure Web Portal


Technical Skills: Basic and Learning


These are skills that I am currently learning from books and tutorials, may have used in some projects lightly, and hoping to work into existing or new projects.

Photon Engine for multi-player in Unity 3D


Unity 3D Reflect (AEC design software integration with BIM data)


Microservices architecture for complex projects


Unity 3D DOTS and Job System for optimization and to utilize multi-threading in a safe way, and to use the entity system without the weight of Monobehavior


Unity 3D Advanced Profiling and Optimization (static and dynamic batching, set pass calls)


Events, Delegates, Tuples


Software design patterns, game design patterns


Sorts, searches, linked lists, binary trees, graphs


Covariance and contravariance






VRWorks Audio

C#/.NET Entity Framework (code first and database first)

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